Still spending too much time inputting data from invoices and receipts manually?

We know how tiresome and tedious that process of checking the pdfs then doing the manual entry into the spreadsheet or the accounting software. Ever envisioned a realm where manual input of invoice details into spreadsheets isn't necessary? Then this is the tool to make your dream come true!

You're company is growing, serving more customers and purchasing and spending more. What used to be hours or 1 day of bookkeeping done by 1 person now turns into a team effort spanning days.Picture yourself and your team spending endless hours inputting invoice after invoice, receipt after receipt. The constant fear of making mistakes, missing some numbers or information, putting your financial records at risk. The burden of manual data entry weighs you and your team down. It's painful and will be even more painful in the future with every new customer and supplier you interact with.You can hire more people for your team, but people still make mistake. Not to mention it's a tedious work that no one will enjoy. And this is where Filehop can help you!

What if you could:

Get the data from all your invoices and receipts in bulk, while keep using your favourite accounting software.
No need to login to another dashboard or learn new system, just work using your existing cloud software in the browser, while Filehop assists you.

Let us do the check

Upload in one bulk

All your invoices, receipts, purchases can be uploaded together and Filehop will automatically detect them and extract the data for you.

Use the data with your existing tools

Multiple ways of moving your data

Once extracted, you can move your data into your spreadsheets or your accounting system forms, or as a csv.

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